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The cell is a structural-functional elementary unit of the structure and activity of all organisms (except viruses and viroids – life forms that do not have a cellular structure). It has its own metabolism, capable of self-reproduction. An organism consisting of a single cell is called unicellular (many protozoa and bacteria). The section of biology that studies the structure and functioning of cells is called cytology. It is also customary to talk about cell biology or cell biology.

Cell theory

The cellular theory of the structure of organisms was formed in 1839 by German scientists, zoologist T. Schwann, and botanist M. Schleiden, and included three provisions. In 1858, Rudolph Virkhov supplemented it with another position, but a number of mistakes were present in his ideas: thus, he assumed that the cells are weakly connected with each other and each exists “by itself”. Only later was it possible to prove the integrity of the cellular system.

In 1878, Russian scientist I. D. Chistyakov discovered mitosis in plant cells; in 1878, V. Flemming and P. I. Peremezhko detect mitosis in animals. In 1882, V. Flemming observed meiosis in animal cells, and in 1888 E. Strasburger – in plant cells.

The cellular theory is one of the fundamental ideas of modern biology, it has become irrefutable proof of the unity of all life and the foundation for the development of such disciplines as embryology, histology, and physiology.

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