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Other Architecture Scenes 3D graphics for architectural modeling and rendering.

As a form of art, architecture enters the sphere of spiritual and material culture. Unlike utilitarian construction and aesthetic activity (harmonization of the environment), for example, design, architecture as art solves artistic and imaginative tasks, that is, it expresses in artistic images the ideas of man about space and time and the place of man in the surrounding world.

The historical development of society determines the functions, compositional types and genres of architectural creativity (buildings with organized internal space, structures that form open spaces, ensembles), technical design systems, the artistic structure of architectural structures.

According to the method of forming images, architecture is referred to as non-visual (tectonic) types of art, which use non-conical (conventional) signs, or abstract images, objects, phenomena, actions addressed directly to the associative mechanisms of perception. Pragmatic assessment of the work of architecture is determined by the ideas of its ability to serve its functional purpose.

According to the way images are deployed, architecture is traditionally referred to as spatial (plastic) types of art, whose works are:

  • exist in space, not changing and not developing in time;
  • have a substantive character;
  • performed by processing a material material;
  • perceived by the audience directly and visually

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