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3D Model Collections of People such as baby, woman, child, man, VIP famous people, celebrities available in 3ds max maya poser lwo obj fbx xsi.

Distinctive features of a person: the ability to think and the ability to exercise free choice, to take responsibility for actions, the presence of moral judgments. Describing a person, they note his biological inability, the lack of specialization of his organs for any particular simple animal existence, the ability to produce tools, fire, and use them, speechless, the plasticity of behavior. No other creature is known that has higher emotions, traditions, the ability to think, argue, deny, count, plan, knows about its mortality, loves in the true sense of the word, has a sense of humor, carries out his designs, reproduces the existing and creates what something new.

Within the Homo sapiens species, there are several races – intraspecific groups of populations that have a similar set of inherited morphological and physiological traits that vary within certain limits and are due to long-term adaptation processes of populations of people living in different areas.

The species has a continuous distribution of body types (muscular, bone, fat), skin pigmentation and other signs; Thus, a race or ethnic-racial group in terms of population genetics is defined as a group with a specific frequency distribution of the genes responsible for these traits. Complexes of traits characteristic of ethnic-racial groups reflect not only the adaptation response to habitat conditions but also the migration history of populations and the history of genetic interaction with other populations.