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Other Architecture 3D Models for visualizations fly throughs architectural rendering, ready-made stock 3d.

At the end of the 20th century, from urban planning, at the crossroads of sociology and the general theory of systems, it emerged as an independent discipline of urbanism, with its subject city and principles of urban development.

Landscape architecture is a section of architecture dedicated to the organization of gardens, parks and other environments in which the material is landscape and natural vegetation. Landscape architect is engaged in the design of parks, gardens, landscaping urban neighborhoods and houses adjoining sites.

Interior design is a professional creative activity of architects and designers to create a functional, ergonomic and aesthetic space inside the room with architectural and artistic means.

The architecture of small forms is a section of architecture to which functional and decorative objects (for example, fences), memorials (for example, tombstones), objects that are part of urban amenities (for example, lanterns), media objects (for example, belong to) belong. , stands, billboards).

There are also such type as “Paper architecture” – it is a theoretical activity of architects.  They create architectural forms on paper without the purpose of their subsequent materialization.