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3D Model Collections of Trucks for 3d modeling and rendering of scenes, animations, still renders, etc. There many truck collections 3D models in the internet and of course on Flatpyramid too.

The world’s first truck with an internal combustion engine was built in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler, and the first truck with a diesel engine was produced by Karl Benz in 1923. Trucks (trucks) designed for use on public roads (with axle load limitation) can be of different layouts: cab above engine, bonnet or semi-bunker, differ in the number of axles (from two to five or more), gearbox (mechanical or automatic), engine type (gasoline, diesel, gas, multi-fuel, hybrid), but always have, in the chassis base, a ladder or spinal-type frame, designed for mounting various bodies. Off-road trucks can be with a frame of breaking type (so-called articulated). Load capacity of single road (multi-axle) trucks reaches 20-25 tons. Since the end of the 19th century, the basic type of bodywork has been considered to be an onboard platform, and all others belong either to specialized, that is, intended to transport any particular types of cargo: packaged cargoes – vans, for containers – container ships, for liquid and bulk cargoes – tanks, for bulk cargoes – dumping bodies, etc., or special, where the automobile chassis acts only as a transport and one or another process unit. These include, for example, truck mixers, fire trucks, auto tow trucks (for inspecting and repairing power lines, suspended electric networks of city electric transport, lighting masts, etc.), mobile cranes, mobile television stations (PTS), etc.

The most common types among the truck collections include dump trucks, equipped with a reinforced metal body for the transport of bulk cargo, unloaded by the method of tipping, for which there is a special, usually hydraulic system. According to the parameters of axial load and external dimensions, dump trucks are divided into the road (agricultural, construction and universal) and off-road (quarry).