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3D Model of Rifle downloadable in 3d modeling formats, lowpoly render ready and game ready for games, virtual worlds and other animations or training environments.

The Rifle – in the modern narrow sense – long-barreled small arms, designed to hold and control when shooting with two hands with a butt stop in the shoulder, smooth-bore or combined (with smooth and rifled barrels), shooting a bullet or shot.

Until relatively recently (the beginning of the 20th century) “gun” in the broad sense meant any long-barreled handgun, including rifle and automatic guns, and in the earliest meaning this word was in Russian almost synonymous with the word “weapon”.

The forerunners of the gun were, on the one hand, primitive muzzle-loading guns for hand-shooting, which appeared in Europe in the XIV century. —Handles (hand-squeaked, kulevrins, hoses, bombers), and on the other hand — non-firing throwing tools: the crossbow and its variety, the arquebus (the latter gave the name to one of the types of early guns — the arquebus). These early rifles were characterized by a large caliber (20-40 mm) and a small barrel length; by the end of the 15th century the caliber of the manual tweezers was reduced to 20-30 mm, and the trunk was extended to 25-30 caliber. By the second half of the 15th century, a wick lock and a rifle adapted to support a shoulder, acquired sights (a rear sight and a front sight) appeared. Thanks to these improvements, the accuracy of the battle were somewhat improved and the handling of weapons became much more convenient. These guns were called arquebuses, they were fairly light and comfortable, weighing about 3.5 kg. The arquebus was used not only in war but also for hunting, which caused serious concerns of the authorities about the massacre of the game. The famous inventor Benvenuto Cellini probably became one of the first snipers in history. During the defense of Rome, he managed to shoot an enemy officer from 200 meters.

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