Blunt 3D Models

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3D Blunt Melee Model Weapons for 3d modeling and rendering of high resolution graphics for games, simulations and animations.

Blunt Melee Model Weapons:
– Bo
– Buzdykhan
– Mace
– Kisten
– War hammer
– Mace
– Pernach (kind of club)
– Shestoper (kind of mace)
– Nunchuck
– Tonfa
– Brass knuckles
– Telescopic baton
– Morgenstern

The wider use of hammers, especially among horsemen, began in the 13th century, with the spread of armor. In the late Middle Ages (XIV-XVI centuries), with the introduction of a new means of protection – the armor, against which swords, axes, maces and other melee weapons turned out to be ineffective, various versions of combat hammers became widely used. This is a pole-arms, the knob of which was the hammer itself or had a hammer on one side and a beak on the other, that is, a faceted spike of varying thickness, or a massive blade, straight or slightly curved. The name of the hammer comes from one of the elements of the combat head and is preserved, even if the hammer itself may not be on it. Because of their appearance, hammers with beaks have other names: crow beak in Spain, France, falcon beak in Italy, France, parrot beak or parrot in Germany, Poland. Often there was still a point directed upwards, and additional short spikes, directly on the hammer’s shock surface or directed sideways. The beak was able to break the chain mail or pierce the plate of armor. Hammer can stun the enemy and deform the armor.

The mace is a short-treble cold weapon of shock-shattering action, consisting of a warhead – the tip of a spherical (or other) shape, firmly and motionlessly fixed on the handle. The length of the handle of the mace, as a rule, was about 50-80 centimeters; the weight of the pommel is 200–300 grams. Mace was a weapon used by both foot and horse warriors. She could strike a quick blow in any direction.