Melee 3D Models

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Melee weapons 3D models – military, hunting or sporting weapons, which do not use the power of combustible-explosives, compressed gas, electricity. Most melee weapons are hand weapons. A weapon of throwing type is also counts, both manual and non-manual. Most of the melee weapons are mostly knives, swords, etc.

Melee weapons appeared quite a long time ago, initially as a means of hunting. Until the XVI century was the main type of weapon. With the development of firearms almost lost its meaning.

Currently used as an auxiliary, complementary to the possibilities of firearms, as an honorary (award weapon), and also as part of the traditional form.

According to its compliance with the established standards and technical conditions, production conditions, materials, tools, professional skills, a melee weapon is divided into:

  • factory (factory) – manufactured in an industrial way.
  • home-made – manufactured without complying with the relevant standards.
  • reworked – manufactured in several ways (as a rule, homemade factory alteration).