BMW 3D Models

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BMW AG (“Bavarian Motors”) is a German manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, engines, and bicycles. The motto of the company is “Driving pleasure”. In English-speaking countries, you can also meet such motto: “Ultimate Driving Machine”. The main competitor of BMW in the car market is Mercedes-Benz. BMW also competes with Audi and Lexus.

3D artists love to create BMW 3D models because these cars are famous for their brutal style and very emotional driving experience. BMW uses numeric classification for their cars like 5 Series (BMW 525, 550) or 3 Series (BMW 330i, 340) etc.
On Flatpyramid you will easily find all these BMW 3D models, that were created with the help of Vray, 3ds Max, Maya and others. But if you want some specific type of car you can order a custom 3D model from our specialists.