River 3D Models

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3D River Scenes for architectural 3d modeling.

The river is a natural water flow of considerable size with a natural flow along the channel (natural deepening developed by it) from the source down to the mouth and fed by surface and underground flow from its basin.

Water in it is usually collected from surface runoff resulting from precipitation from a certain area bounded by a watershed (basin), as well as from other sources, such as groundwater reserves, moisture stored in natural ice (in the process of melting glaciers ) and snow cover.

In each river, the place of its origin is distinguished – the source and place (section) of the confluence with the sea, lake or confluence with another river – the mouth.

They are directly flowing into the oceans, seas, lakes or lost in the sands and swamps are called major; flowing into the main ones – tributaries.

The land surface with such system collects its waters and it called the basin. The basin area, together with the upper layers of the earth’s crust, includes this river system and is separated from other river systems by watersheds.