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Deers (lat. Cervidae) is a family of hoofed mammals, containing 51 modern species. Deer are common in Eurasia, North and South America, and were also imported by humans to Australia and New Zealand.

The size of the deer varies between the size of the hare and the horse. Characterized by branched horns, which are available only in males. The only exceptions are the water deer, which has no horns at all, and the reindeer, whose horns are of both sexes. Horns are dropped every year and grow back.

The first deer appeared in the Oligocene in Asia. From it, they spread to Europe and in the Miocene along the then existing natural bridge to North America. In South America, deer reached only in geochronologically recent Pleistocene.

Deer have a rich symbolic meaning and are in the myths of various cultures and peoples. Often personify nobility, greatness, beauty, grace, speed. In Christian culture, they symbolize asceticism, piety, and purity. The meaning of deer in the life of nations is reflected in their language, for example, in the Evenki language, several dozens of terms are used to designate deer of various ages, appearances, etc.