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Watercraft Vehicle Collections of 3D Models.

Water transport is used to transport people, as well as cargo that does not deteriorate soon. Despite the rather high historical importance of maritime transport, they have already lost their own weight for a long time due to an increase in the traffic volume of commercial aircraft, although until now water transport has been used for transportation and cruise trips. The modern-day water transport is, of course, much slower than aviation, but it is much more efficient if it is intended to transport a large amount of cargo. The weight of the cargo transported by sea in 2010 is about six billion tons. On the sea, there are races of water transport of absolutely any type, as well as scientific journeys. In addition, the cost of travel by water is much cheaper compared to movement by air.

Types of Watercraft Vehicle Collections:

– the bulk carrier (dry-cargo ship) is a cargo ship transporting bulk cargoes: grain or ore.

– container ships are cargo ships loaded containers.
– tankers are cargo ships intended for the carriage of liquid substances, such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, chemicals, vegetable oils, wines and many other substances.

– reefer ships are cargo ships that are used to transport various perishable goods.

– Rocking machines (trailer ships) are cargo ships designed to carry cargo on wheels, for example, cars, trucks, railway cars.

– coasters are small or coastal vessels, they are frame vessels used for trade within the continent or island.

– ferries are a type of water transport that serves to transport passengers, and sometimes their transport from one bank to another.

– cruise ships are passenger ships intended for recreation on the water or walking.

– cable vessels are deep-sea transport used for laying electrical, telecommunication and many other cables.

– tugs are vessels that are designed to push other vessels and maneuver in the open sea, in the bay or in the cannel or river.

– Oyster ships are ships that are used to lift something located in the shallow waters of the seabed or out of the river water.

– Barges are flat vessels that are designed to carry large and heavy cargoes mainly through canals and rivers.