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Many of us today no longer represent our lives without a car. Manufacturers know this and trying to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding motorists are constantly releasing more and more new models of cars, and the irrelevant ones are removed from production, so it is not surprising that not all of them are far from being able to find out.

Below is a list of some of the brand logos, their 3d models you can find on our website:

Abbott-Detroit is an industrial company of the early twentieth century (1909-1916) for the production of luxury cars.

VL-Automotive is a young American company that produced sedans from 2013 to 2014. After the bankruptcy, the right to issue cars under its emblem was bought by the Chinese (Wanxiang company).

A well-known manufacturer of auto parts, followed by cars, trucks, pickups – Dodge was founded in 1900 by the Dodge Brothers. Their last name became the name.

Plymouth is a separate division of Chrysler, which manufactures cars and minivans until 2001. His logo depicts the “Mayflower” – the iconic ship in American history.

The Chrysler logo has changed its appearance many times over from its wax print with a ribbon to the circle with wings, and after capturing the Fiat, it has lost its uniqueness at all, resembling the Bentley and Aston Martin emblems.

Chevrolet The mark appeared in 1911, when one of the founders of General Motors turned to a famous rider Louis Joseph Chevrolet with a request to represent their company, and in gratitude promised to name the cars in his name. The emblem of the brand looks like a butterfly tie, symbolizing the success of the rider.

Chrysler subsidiary company. Her logo is a modified abbreviation GP – General Purpose vehicle, which first miraculously turned into JP, and then for better sound – in Jeep.

The history of the creation of General Motors Corporation dates back to 1901, when the brothers Max and Maurice Grabowski released their first truck. The logo is very simple and represents the abbreviation for the name of the company itself.

Stylized under the coat of arms, the Cadillac logo roots in 1701 and is associated with the merits of the founder of Detroit, Antoine da Lam Mot Cadillac. Throughout its history, it has undergone significant changes to a modern “symbol of supremacy” inspired by the work of the artist-the “geometrist” of Piet Mondrian.