Shelf 3D Models

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3D Model of Shelf for the Home and Office Furniture.

It is a furniture product without a front wall, with or without a back wall, for placing books and other items.

Shelves can be made of various materials (solid wood laminated by chipboard, MDF, glass, mirror, metal, stone, etc.). They can be completed with illuminations; including glass shelves – led, located both in the butt of the glass and inside the multi-layer glass construction.

The shelves are fastened to the walls with the help of various fastenings, both hidden (“titans”, “ears”), and bearing a decorative function (cable systems, chains, “pelicans”, etc.)

Types of shelves by function:

  • Bookshelf – for storing books.
  • A spice rack is a (usually narrow) kitchen shelf that has a front side edge or openings for installing spices containers.
  • For Bathroom
  • For universal use

Types of shelves by location:

  • Wall mounted shelf
  • Suspended shelf is suspended on cables, chains, etc., with attachment to the ceiling of the room.
  • Corner shelf is located in the corner of a room and having a fixture to two adjacent walls. Corner shelves are divided into shelves:
  • for internal angle – for angles between adjacent walls less than 180 °.
  • for an outer corner – for corners between adjacent walls more than 180 °.