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A car manufacturer is a car factory, a company, a company engaged in the development, manufacture or assembly of cars. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Oldsmobile revolutionized the automotive industry by first applying a conveyor assembly and giving a start to the global mass automobilization.

The largest manufacturing companies (for 2012):

General Motors (USA + UK + Australia + Germany) – 9.03 million
Volkswagen Group (Germany + France + Italy + Spain + UK) – 8.16 million
Toyota (Japan) – 8 million
Hyundai Motor (South Korea) – 6.59 million pcs.
Ford (USA) – 6.3 million units.
Renault-Nissan (Japan + France + South Korea + Romania + Russia) – 6.16 million units.

For many decades, the world leader in automobile manufacturing has been the United States. Since the 1980s, Japan has become the new leader, since 2009, China, which since 2010 also produces more cars than all the EU countries combined, and since 2009, is the largest market in the world. The USSR occupied the 5th place in the world in the automotive industry as a whole (including the 3rd in trucks and the 1st in buses), Russia is among the 15 largest automakers.

“A ground vehicle, promoted by its own means, moving at least on four wheels that are not on the same line, which should always be in contact with the ground; control must be provided by at least two of the wheels, and movement by at least two of the wheels.”
– International Sports Code FIA