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3D Models of Birds such as eagle turkey chicken hawk blue jays parrots etc available in 3ds max maya lwo obj fbx xsi c4d dwg.

Birds are a group of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates, traditionally considered in the rank of a separate class. They represent a group that is well separated from the rest of modern animals, one of the most characteristic signs of which is the feather cover, which protects the body from adverse temperature changes and plays an important role during flight. Ability to fly is the main feature of the species. The forelegs acquired the shape of wings. Birds have a special structure of the respiratory and digestive organs, which is closely related to their ability to fly. Another feature is the presence of a beak.

Many species make regular long-term migrations from one region of the Earth to another. An even greater number lead a nomadic way of life, constantly moving for short distances within their ranges. Birds are social animals that communicate with each other with the help of visual and sound signals, and in some cases they perform social actions: communal nesting, joint hunting or protection from predators. For most species, monogamy is characteristic. As a rule, eggs are laid in the nest and hatched by one or both members of the pair. Most birds take care of their offspring for a long time after its birth.

Birds inhabit all the ecosystems of the globe, including the internal parts of Antarctica. According to the International Union of Ornithologists, as of June 2018, science knows 10,711 species of living birds, as well as 158 species that have become extinct in modern historical time. This makes them a most diverse group of the four-legged class.

Being the most numerous and widespread group of higher vertebrates, and also due to the peculiarities of their biology, species play an important role in nature and in human life. Many species are important economically. Poultry farming is one of the main branches of agriculture, producing meat, eggs, and fat for humans, as well as feathers. Many species of birds are kept by humans as pets. Due to human activity, many of them have been further developed, some have become synanthropic, but at the same time, about 1,200 species are at risk of extinction to some degree or another and are protected by national and international laws.

The science that studies birds is called ornithology.

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