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3D Models of Video Cameras on Flatpyramid.

The video camera is the original value — a combination of a television transmitting camera and a video recorder. Subsequently, the word “camcorder” almost supplanted the words “television camera” and “camera”, replacing them. For the first time, the word “video camera” was used in relation to miniature hand-held cameras designed to record home video on a home video recorder. After the appearance of a combination of a transmitting TV camera and a video recorder – camcorders intended for television journalism, the word “video camera” was included in professional use.

Transmitting television camera – a device designed to convert an optical image obtained using a lens on a target of a vacuum transmitting tube or a photosensitive matrix into a television video signal or digital video stream.

The video signal can be transmitted by radio, cable networks or via the Internet, as well as recorded on analog or digital media for later playback.