Pool 3D Models

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Pool 3D models are represented on Flatpyramid.

A swimming pool is a hydrotechnical facility designed for practicing water sports such as swimming, diving, underwater sports, water polo, rugby, underwater, synchronized swimming, etc.

Pools and 3D models are usually divided into:

  • Open – in which one or several baths are under the open sky
  • Closed – in which the baths are in the room.
  • Summer Pools
  • All Season

The usual bath size in a swimming pool is 25 or 50 meters. There are 5 to 10 tracks. In the center of each track at the bottom, as well as at the ends of the bath, markings are made to make it easier for swimmers to swim without deviating from a straight course. Two cords with flags are hung across the bath at a distance of 5 m from the beginning and end, swimmers need them on their backs – to see the where is the wall and to prepare for the turnover. At a distance of 15 m from the start, a cord is suspended across the pool, which falls into the water during a false start and stops the participants. In front of each track at the beginning and at the end of the pool, the starting tables are located, swimmers jump into the water from the start at the start of the crawl, breaststroke, and butterfly. On the bedside tables, there are handles that hold the swimmers on their backs before the start.

Classification by purpose

Sports pools are designed for training work, competitions, teaching children swimming and organized recreational swimming.
Bathing pools pursue mainly the improving purposes connected with service of the unorganized single visitors.

Training pools of kindergartens are used for initiation of water, swimming lessons, bathing, as well as for sports activities and local competitions.
Mixed (combined) pools are either a combination of baths and baths for sports or educational swimming in one complex, or the inclusion of training and training sites in the water area of the swimming pool. The proportion of sports work in these pools is negligible, the main goal in them – a massive health bathing and recreation of people.