Snakes 3D Models

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Snakes 3D models  – a suborder of the class of reptiles squad scaly. They live on all continents except Antarctica and several large islands, such as Ireland and New Zealand, as well as many small islands of the Atlantic Ocean and the central part of the Pacific Ocean. Some of them are poisonous, but non-venomous are represented by more species. Poisonous ones use poison primarily for hunting (to kill a victim), and not for self-defense. The poison of some species is strong enough to kill a person. Non-venomous species either swallow their prey alive (snakes) or they pre-kill (strangle) them (snakes, boas). The largest known snakes living on Earth today are the reticulated python and the anaconda boa. The length of the smallest snake living today – Leptotyphlops carlae – does not exceed 10 centimeters. The size of most snakes does not exceed one meter.

Serpentology is the study of snakes.

Snakes are descended from lizards and are a monophyletic group. According to molecular data, their closest relatives among modern lizards are iguanoid and spindle-shaped, forming the Toxicofera with them. Some morphological studies indicate that mosasaurs are included in this clade, and they are the sister group of snakes.

The oldest known (in 2014) fossil snake remains come from the Middle Jurassic sediments of England. From the Upper Cretaceous, the remains become relatively numerous.