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Some other plants have a very complex structure, but some are represented by unicellular organisms. For example chlorella, Chlamydomonas, etc.

Plant cells are characterized by a large relative size (sometimes up to several centimeters), the presence of a rigid cell wall made of cellulose, the presence of chloroplasts and a large central vacuole, which allows the turgor to be regulated. During division, the septum is formed due to the fusion of numerous bubbles (phragmoplast). Spermatozoa of plants are two- (in moss-like and plasmid-like) or many-flagellated (in the rest of fern-like, saccus and ginkgo), and the ultrastructure of the flagellate apparatus is very similar to that in the flagellated cells of charous algae (Department Green Algae).

Plant cells are combined in tissue. Plant tissues are characterized by the absence of intercellular substance, a large number of dead cells (some tissues, such as sclerenchyma and cork, consist mainly of dead cells), as well as the fact that, unlike animals, plant tissue can consist of different cell types (for example xylem consists of water-carrying elements, wood fibers, and wood parenchyma).

Most plants are characterized by a significant dismemberment of the body. There are several types of plant body organization: thallic, in which individual organs are not distinguished and the body is a green plate (some bryophytes, fern buds), leaf-stalked, in which the body is an escape with leaves (no roots; most bryophytes), and root roots, when the body is divided into root and escape system. The shoot of most plants consists of an axial part (stem) and lateral photosynthetic organs (leaves), which can occur either as outgrowths of the external tissues of the stem (in bryophytes), or as a result of the confluence of shortened lateral branches (in ferns). The shoot germ is considered to be a special organ – the kidney.

Other plants cells contain mechanoreceptors, the root systems of higher plants exchange organic and inorganic substances with soil fungi.