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There are a lot of different stadium 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Stadium – a facility for sports purposes. Usually includes a large field with treadmills around and seats for spectators, located stepwise around the field. It also often contains additional platforms and auxiliary facilities for training and changing teams. Stadiums are used not only for various outdoor sports (such as athletics and football) but also for concerts and other events.

The first stadiums were ancient Greece buildings that were created for the Olympic Games and other sports competitions. The oldest known stadium was in Olympia (Greece). At first, the stadium was used only for running competitions; hence the practice of standardizing the size of the field – 180–200 meters (one stage, which gave the name to the structure itself).

One of the first modern stadiums was the English Stamford Bridge, opened in 1877.

There are both universal (athletics, with treadmills) stadiums, and purely football (the latter are most widely distributed in England).

The stadium that hosted the very first match of the debut World Cup (1930, Uruguay) – “Positos Stadium” in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo (one of the world’s first ellipsoid stadiums). The first goal in the history of the tournament was also scored there.