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Furniture was more likely to originate in nomadic tribes that are prone to permanent residence in certain areas, or in those where the cold climate has led more time to spend in the dwellings. The original furniture served stones or pieces of trunks of trees. There were also requirements for the material. In the countries of the Mediterranean, sandstone, marble and all varieties of marble rocks (armchairs in theaters, circuses of Ancient Greece and Rome) served as furniture. Wood furniture has become widespread as it is more convenient, easier and less difficult to move. Wooden furniture began to dominate due to the light processing of raw materials, the ability to dye, carvings, combinations with metal or woven products.

The history of furniture production in Western Europe is closely linked with epochs and artistic styles. There are Gothic furniture, Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo, Classicism and Empire, Modernism and Functionalism.