Heart 3D Models

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3D models of body organs are popular in the medical sphere, here you can find heart 3D models.

The heart is a hollow fibrous-muscular organ, which, through repeated rhythmic contractions, provides blood flow through the blood vessels. Present in all living organisms with a developed circulatory system, including all vertebrates, including humans. The heart of vertebrates consists mainly of cardiac, endothelial and connective tissue. In this case, the heart muscle is a special type of striated muscle tissue found exclusively in the heart. A person’s heart, shrinking an average of 72 times per minute, will perform about 2.5 billion heart cycles for 66 years. The mass of the heart in humans depends on gender and usually reaches 250-300 grams in women and 300-350 grams in men.

The muscle tissue of the mammalian heart does not have the ability to recover from damage (except for mammals in the embryonic period, which are capable of regenerating the organ within certain limits), unlike the tissues of some fish and amphibians. However, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have shown that the heart of a mouse, which is still a day old from birth, can be restored, and the heart of a seven-day mouse is no longer.

Popular heart 3D models file formats: 3ds, max, dxf, dwg, fbx, cob, c4d, x, lwo, 3dm, skp, hrc, xsi, wrl, wrz, obj