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Defining features
The presence of dense, impermeable solid particles, cell wall (usually consisting of cellulose).

Plants – producers. They produce organic matter with carbon dioxide and solar energy during photosynthesis. Mushrooms and most bacteria recently belong to separate kingdoms. Previously, mushrooms and bacteria were considered plants.

Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, for which, like most plants, photosynthesis is characteristic, according to modern classifications, do not belong to plants either (cyanobacteria are included in the Bacteria domain in the rank of a department).

Other signs of plants – immobility, constant growth, alternation of generations and others – are not unique, but in general, they allow us to distinguish plants from other groups of organisms.

Judging by the paleontological finds, the division of living beings into kingdoms occurred more than 3 billion years ago. The first autotrophic organisms were photosynthetic bacteria (they are now represented by purple and green bacteria, cyanobacteria). In particular, cyanobacterial mats already existed in the Mesoarchean (2800–3200 Ma).