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Computer Collections 3D Models including desktops, laptops, ipads, pdas storage, servers, disks, etc.

Desktop computers have an advantage over laptops, and spare parts and extensions tend to be more standardized, leading to lower prices and greater availability. For example, the size and installation of the motherboard is standardized in ATX, MicroATX, BTX, and other form factors. Desktop computers have several standard expansion cards, such as regular PCI or PCI Express, and in laptops only, as a rule, one Mini-PCI slot and one PC Card slot (or ExpressCard slot). Procedures for mounting and dismounting desktops are usually simple and standardized. Adding or replacing certain parts, such as an optical drive, hard drive, or adding additional memory modules, is often quite simple. This means that the desktop can be configured and updated more than a laptop. This feature makes desktop computers popular among gamers and enthusiasts. Another advantage is that the desktop does not require a separate (remote) power supply, like portable computers, because it plugs into a power outlet. Desktop computers also provide more space for cooling fans and air vents for heat dissipation, which allows enthusiasts to “overclock” their computers with less risk. Two major manufacturers of microprocessors, Intel and AMD, have developed special processors for mobile computers (laptops), which consume less energy and emit less heat, but have a lower level of performance. Laptop computers, on the contrary, offer portability that desktops (including small form factor and desktop All-in-one computers) cannot provide because of their large size and design. The all-in-one design of the notebook provides a keyboard and devices (such as a trackpad) for its users, and can rely on the power supplied from the battery. Wireless technologies, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G, are also widely integrated into laptops, offering their users a wider range of Internet connectivity, although this trend is changing as more or more desktop computers include one or more of these technologies. A desktop computer needs a UPS for uninterrupted operation. Using productive desktops requires large and expensive UPSs. A laptop with a sufficiently charged battery can continue to be used for several hours in the event of a power outage and does not depend on power outages.

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