Cargo Ships 3D Models

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3D Models of Cargo Ships and other Cargo Watercraft for 3d modeling and rendering of high-resolution graphics for games, visualizations, and animations.

There are many different cargo ships in the world, let’s check different types of it.

The dry cargo ship is a generic name for vessels intended for the carriage of solid, bulk, and packaged cargoes, including containers and liquid cargo in containers. It includes universal vessels for general cargo, equipped with loading and unloading facilities, vessels for the transport of bulk cargo, bulk carriers with a deadweight of less than 12 thousand tons, some other vessels, for example, sinter trucks.

Bulk carrier – bulk cargo ship in the hold (i.e., without container). Bulk carriers are used to transport ore, coal, cement, etc. In addition to universal bulk carriers, there are specialized ones equipped for the transportation of certain types of cargo, such as ore carriers, cement carriers, etc. There are vessels capable of simultaneously carrying bulk and liquid cargo there are both a bulk carrier and a tanker), such as oil ore carriers.

Container carrier – a vessel for the carriage of goods in standardized containers.

Roll-on/roll-off – a vessel with a horizontal mode of loading and unloading. They are most often used for the transport of (trucks) cars and other wheeled vehicles. The main advantage of the Roll-on/roll-off is the speed of unloading and loading the vessel. For these operations, cranes are not needed: trucks with a load simply call in / out onto the cargo decks of the vessel on a ramp.

The lighter aboard ship (LASH) – the vessel transporting special barges – lighters. Lighter carriers are often used where large vessels cannot approach the berth due to insufficient depth or for other reasons. LASHes load at the pier, transported by a tug to the lighter carrier and lift the lighter carrier. Unloading is performed in the reverse order. In Russia, there is the world’s only nuclear-powered lighter serving the settlements of the Arctic Ocean.

Tanker – a vessel for the transport of bulk cargo.

A refrigerated ship is a ship whose holds are equipped with cooling units. Refrigerated vessels are used to transport perishable foodstuffs.