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Restaurant 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Restaurant – catering with a wide range of dishes of complex preparation, including custom and branded.

The owner of the restaurant business is called a restaurateur; both words originated from the French verb restaurer (restore, strengthen, feed). It should be noted that a restaurant in American English is any catering enterprise in general, and not just a restaurant in the usual sense.

Often, larger enterprises (for example, hotels) have their own restaurants located on their territory, where catering services are provided for the convenience of residents and to increase the potential income of the hotel.

In the West, taverns and taverns have been known since antiquity, these places were aimed at travelers, and the locals rarely ate in them. Only in the 18th century, restaurants appeared, the main purpose of which was to prepare and serve dishes that the visitor ordered according to his taste. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest existing restaurant today is Sobrino de Botin in Madrid (Spain). It opened in 1725.

For the first time the word restaurant was applied to a catering company around 1765, the institution was founded by a Parisian, a bouillon seller named Boulanger. He placed such a sign in Latin above the entrance to his establishment: “Venite ad me omnes, qui stomacho laboratis et ego restaurabo vos” – literally meaning: “Come to me, all those who suffer with the stomach and I will restore you.”