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3D Models of Organs of the Circulatory System including heart vein arteries blood vessels for medical visualizations.

Blood vessels are elastic tubular formations in the body of animals and humans, through which a rhythmically contracted heart or pulsating vessel forces blood to move through the body: to organs and tissues through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and from them to the heart – through the venules and veins.

Among the vessels of the circulatory system, there are arteries, veins, and vessels of the microvasculature system; the latter interrelate between arteries and veins and include, in turn, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and arterio-venular anastomoses. Vessels of different types differ not only in their diameter but also in their tissue composition and functional features.

The aorta is lined from the inside by the endothelium, which, together with the underlying layer of loose connective tissue (subendothelium), forms the inner sheath. The middle shell consists of a large number of elastic fenestrated membranes. It also contains a small number of smooth myocytes. Above the middle shell is loose fibrous connective tissue with a high content of elastic and collagen fibers.