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A blender is an electrical appliance designed for grinding food, preparing emulsions, mashed potatoes, whisking beverages, mousses, etc., as well as chopping ice. There are two options for the blender:

Stationary. Usually, it is a case located on a stable base, inside of which there is an electric motor – a blender drive, on which a special narrow and tall bowl with a lid, inside of which is located a blade, is worn.
High-speed immersion mixer, equipped instead of whips for beating with one paddle-blade nozzle. But at this time a variety of nozzles and bowls for grinding are used, allowing not only to mix liquid products but also to grind, chop vegetables and greens in a matter of seconds. A special retainer on the motor part allows you to quickly change the nozzles, which allows you to make this device multifunctional.
A special blender attachment is part of the food processor fixtures.

Some companies produce professional blenders designed to equip bars. Such models differ in the use of stainless steel or oxidized aluminum, as well as shock-proof polycarbonate, increased power, strength and volume of the bowl. Professional blenders can be built into the bar’s worktop and equipped with a noise-reducing casing.

As a rule, blenders whose power is less than 1500 W and the rotational speed of the knife below 20,000 rpm is not professional. Important in determining the professionalism of the blender is the presence of built-in automatic programs and automatically switching speeds. On thin, manually controlled blenders it is impossible to make a large number of mixtures of the same consistency.