Industrial 3D Models

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3D Models of Industrial Architectural Structures.

Industry was born within the framework of natural household farming. During the epoch of the primitive communal system, the main branches of production activity were formed in the majority of peoples (agriculture and cattle breeding), when products intended for their own consumption were made from raw materials mined in the same economy. The development and orientation of the home industry was determined by local conditions and depended on the availability of raw materials.

The manufacturing industry includes enterprises of mechanical engineering, enterprises for the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rolled products, chemical and petrochemical products, machinery and equipment, woodworking products and pulp and paper industry, cement and other building materials, products of the light and food industries, local industry, as well as enterprises for the repair of industrial products (locomotive repair, locomotive repair) and thermal power plants, film industry (film industry).

Electroenergy is the most important branch of energy, including the production, transmission and sale of electricity. The advantages of electric power industry over other types of energy: the relative ease of transmission over long distances, distribution among consumers, as well as conversion to other types of energy (mechanical, thermal, chemical, light and others).