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The hand 3D models on Flatpyramid.

The hand is the upper limb of a person, the organ of the musculoskeletal system, one of the main parts of the body. With the help of the hands of a person can perform many actions, the main of which is the ability to capture objects.

The muscular system of the arm consists of several layers of muscles, and many muscles are thrown over more than one joint, so that the contraction of one muscle can change the position in several joints.

The hand has efferent and afferent innervation. The efferent fibers send signals from the spinal cord to the arm, and afferent fibers from the hand to the spinal cord (via the dorsal ganglia). The fibers are collected in the nerves, and almost all of them are mixed, that is, they contain both efferent and afferent fibers.

The hand is equipped with a huge number of sensory endings (when the hands “go numb”, this is a sign that something is wrong with them).