Fantasy 3D Models

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3D Fantasy Scenes downloadable 3d models for 3D computer graphics modeling.

For finishing the fantasy interior people use different metals, futuristic materials, electronics, ceramic tiles, glass photo tiles, mosaics, as well as ceramic tiles and glass mosaics have all the characteristics (water resistance, high strength, etc.) for different types of rooms. These materials are basically identical in principle, but they have a very big difference in terms of the design idea and the uniqueness of the interior.

The mosaic is small cubes of various shapes with sizes up to 5 × 5 cm, the color range is quite wide. Based on these characteristics, you can make different mixes (a combination of different shades of colors of mosaic cubes), stretch marks, but the wall mosaic panel will be the most pleasing to your eyes.

The combination of ceramic tiles and glass mosaic can make the interior of a fantasy room truly attractive and exclusive. And from an economic point of view, mosaic and tile practically do not differ in prices.

Also, to create the desired atmosphere, natural materials of warm colors are used – wood, natural stone.