Bedroom 3D Models

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3D Models of Bedrooms Home and Office Furniture.

The bedroom is an important room in the house. In many countries, a house or apartment is primarily characterized by the number of bedrooms. The hierarchy of the rooms in the house often corresponds to the hierarchy in the family: the main bedroom is reserved for heads of families, children’s for children, and guest rooms for guests. In rich homes there are bedrooms for servants. Spouses can have both shared and separate rooms.

For the United States, it is typical to have two or more bedrooms in the house: the master bedroom and one or more extra beds (for children, guests). Sometimes the room is connected with a separate toilet (eng. Ensuite).

The main element of the it- the bed. In Western countries, the bed is most often represented by a bed. In Japan, futon is traditionally used instead of a bed. Sometimes there are several beds in one room. Often in the bedroom there are also closets, bedside tables, dressers, mirrors, carpets. On the bedside table is usually a small lamp, an alarm clock. The furniture in it is often made of wood because of its environmental friendliness and durability.

Many modern bedrooms have a TV. Thus, in the United States, 43% of children 3-4 years old have a TV in their room.

Typical room furnishings vary in different countries. For example, in the countries of North America wardrobe are popular, in Europe countries wardrobes are more popular. Typical bed sizes also vary.

In some countries, there are legal rules that define what is considered a bedroom in a house and what is not (in order to resolve legal conflicts related to real estate). For example, in a number of US states, the bedroom is determined by the minimum size of the room and the fact that there is a dressing room.