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The skull (lat. Cranium) is the bony part of the head in vertebrates, the bone skeleton of the head, protecting it from damage and serving as a place of attachment of its soft tissue.

During its formation, the skull goes through three stages – connective tissue, cartilage, and bone.

-brain protection
-placement and fixation of teeth and chewing muscles
-fixing the distance between the eyeballs to ensure a stereoscopic vision
-fixing the location of the ears to assess the direction and distance of the sound source
-(in some animals) bears horns attached to the frontal bone

It consists of two sections: visceral (facial) and brain. Moreover, in humans, in contrast to animals, the cerebral one significantly predominates over the facial. All the bones of the skull, except for the lower jaw, are connected by a fixed joint.

The difference between the human and apes is primarily in the fact that the human’s one is adapted in its form to a straightened walk. The head balances on the spine, because of which the neck muscles are less strong and the skull itself is thinner. The front part of the skull of a person is flatter, and its volume is much larger so that the brain that has expanded in the parameters can fit into it.

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