Wok 3D Models

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Wok – a round deep Chinese frying pan with a convex bottom of small diameter. Used in traditional South Chinese cuisine. The main cooking technique with the wok is a stir-fry.

Unlike the “Western” pans, the traditional wok has a spherical shape without a flat bottom. According to Asian tradition, it was used for cooking on open coal stoves. In this case, this pan was installed in a smaller diameter hole in the upper panel of the plate, which ensured sufficient stability for it. Coal plates provided with relatively low fuel consumption, heating to very high temperatures.

The temperature of the deep Chinese frying pan is the most important parameter. (Normal temperature is determined by the presence of white smoke from the oil. Also, bamboo sticks dipped in a properly heated wok begin to “boil”).

On a highly heated wok, the cooking process takes place according to the Leidenfrost effect. That is, the food does not stick to the surface of the metal, as it constantly hovers above it.

A badly heated wok behaves like a large iron pan with high walls, and the food to it burns strongly, regardless of the amount of vegetable oil.

The power of many electric stoves is not enough for normal heating of this pan to the required temperature. From the power of the plate depends on the required amount of oil. The less heat gets wok, the greater the volume of oil will have to be used and the longer you have to wait until the wok warms up.