Outdoor 3D Models

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3D Models of outdoor sports such as ski snowboarding and other extreme sports.

The presence of snow and ice in the winter time led to the creation of outdoor sports, they include such as sleds, skis, and skates. It also led to the emergence of various games and sports, invented for the winter season in contrast to other seasons. Naturally, winter sports are more popular in countries with a pronounced winter season with negative temperatures.

While most winter sports are meant to play in the open, ice hockey, speed skating and ball hockey have to some extent turned into rooms since the mid-20th century. Indoor artificial ice rinks make ice skating and ice hockey possible in hot climates.

Skiing – descent from the snow-covered slopes on special skis. A sport as well as a popular leisure activity of millions of people around the world. Traditionally, it is most developed in such countries as Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, USA, Germany.

Snowboard sports discipline, in which on a specially prepared track compete in speed from four to six athletes at the same time. C 2006 enters the program of the Winter Olympic Games.

Competitions are held on the track with a height difference of 100-240 m, a width of at least 30 m and with a slope of 15-18 °.

Freestyle skiing (Eng. Freestyle skiing) – a type of skiing, part of the program of the Winter Olympic Games. Freestyle disciplines are ski acrobatics, mogul, ski cross, ski halfpipe, slopestyle. For freestyle, it is customary to attribute the style of the newschool.