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Exotic Melee 3D Model Weapons for game engines, characters and 3d modeling and rendering of high-resolution graphics for games, simulations, and animations.

It is considered that in antiquity only simple and effective weapons were recognized, and complex systems did not take root. For the most part, it was so, since the main task of the weapon is to send the enemy to the next world as quickly as possible. But exotic exercises still existed and often coped with their task no worse than usual.

Some non-standard murder weapons were created for specific, narrowly targeted targets, others as original “innovations”. Especially in the field of inventions of similar subjects India, China, and Japan excelled. We present the ten most unusual types of exotic weapons of ancient times.

Haladi is a sword or dagger with two blades that Indian Rajput clans fought with. The weapon was intended for both piercing and cutting blows. In some species of haladi, the handle was a stylized spiny brass knuckle.

Urumi – another exotic from India, sword-lash, or sword belt. Made of stunningly flexible metal, he gave the wearer a huge advantage in battle, allowing them to go around shields and traditional swords. However, in order to properly master the Urumi, it took years of hard training, otherwise, the weapon turned against its master.

Bee swarm – another weapon of mass destruction from the gloomy Chinese genius. An oblong case filled with three dozen arrows with small missiles near the tip. They were set on fire and launched at the same time – with zero accuracy, the main thing is that in the direction of the enemy. This is the case when the “arrows that have blocked the sun” is not just a metaphor.