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3D Models of Antique Guns and other weapons low-poly render ready and game ready for games, virtual worlds, and other animations or training environments.

Antique weapons – At the beginning of this period, the use of bronze weapons was typical. Various bronze swords and shields appeared (among the ancient Greeks and Egyptians). Then they began to make weapons of iron. In general, the weapons of the ancient world were divided into melee weapons (swords, axes, spears) and throwing weapons (bows, slings, darts). During this period, in addition to hand weapons, various siege machines (ballista, catapults, rams) were also used. In particular, the first crossbows appeared along with the ballista.

At the beginning of the medieval weapons are not very different from the weapons of the previous period. At the end of the era of the ancient world there appeared heavily armed cataphracts, which became the prototype of the heavily armed knights of the classical Middle Ages and, accordingly, they needed a weapon capable of fighting them. Therefore, the end of the Middle Ages was marked by the appearance of firearms. The main types of weapons in this period were: melee weapons, throwing weapons, as well as firearms and siege weapons. Of the cold arms were the most common swords, daggers, and combat peaks. (The medieval peaks proper are direct descendants of Macedonian sarissas.) In addition, various sabers, swords, rapiers, etc., appear. Bows and crossbows were also distributed from throwing weapons. But here slings have found combat use only as a compact throwing weapon, in situations where compactness is more important than the range of aimed fire. The firearms that appeared in that period include muskets, arquebuses, food, as well as cannons and bombers. In the arsenal of siege weapons then there were both the same ballista, catapults, rams, trebuchets and the first samples of the siege artillery (in particular, the same bombers). At the same time, the process of squeezing siege weapons throwing out with siege artillery weapons is already gaining momentum.

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