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It is believed that fashion is supported by two main aspirations. The first is imitation in order to adopt experience or good taste in fashion. The second is the pressure of the social system: the fear of being outside society, the fear of isolation, etc. According to another classification, imitation in fashion is in itself a form of biological defense.

Fashion may vary seasonally. In spring and winter, for example, it can be different. Modern fashion is bound by the principle of the season. As a rule, two main seasonal vectors are defined: spring summer and autumn winter. It is believed that the fashion of the coming epochs often changed much more slowly and could remain unchanged for thousands of years, Ancient Egypt is an example of unchangeable canons for thousands of years. This provision has often and repeatedly been criticized. Ideas about the unchanging nature of the historical costume can be associated with both a limited set of sources and a lack of a clear understanding of the principle of the development of historical and traditional fashion.

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