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3D Architectural Door Models on Flatpyramid.

The door is an aperture in the wall for entry and exit from a room, or an aperture into the inner space of something (an airplane, a car, a furnace, a cabinet, etc.), as well as a target or several sections that close this aperture.

Defining elements:

  • Cloth overlapping the corresponding opening in size.
  • The hinged device providing movement of a cloth for a release of an aperture.
  • The locking device gives the canvas stability in the closed state.
  • Handle or other devices to drive the door to an open or closed position.
  • Decorative elements – platbands, loot.

Additional structural elements
The door frame is a component of the door unit, used to hang the door leaf on it and to position the counterpart of the locking device in it. The door frame is rigidly mounted in the doorway, making up with it a whole. The presence of a box in the door set indicates a high degree of interfacing with the door to provide better insulation of shared spaces.
Threshold – the lower transverse part of the door frame. It is remarkable that cannot be included in the box package or have the simplified configuration.

The hem is a small, uniform protrusion along the entire perimeter of the leaf and/or box, which serves as a stop when closing, hiding the gaps between the leaf and the box and enhancing the insulating properties of the door.

Platbands – special decorative strips that close the seam connecting the doorway and the box. In the doors of steel can be made at the same time with the box, increasing the protective properties.
Hinges are a traditional device for holding the door and securing its opening and closing.