Movie Stars 3D Models

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3D Models of Movie Stars on Flatpyramid.

A Movie Star is a person who has achieved success in cinema, which has become widely known among the most diverse strata of the population and has attracted heightened attention from television and the press.

Due to its fame, stars have numerous fans among ordinary people who often organize themselves in various clubs and communities, move around the world in order not to miss any public appearance of the object of their attention and track the slightest of his actions (including those beyond the celebrity’s professional field of activity). ).

The word “star” has its derivatives, specifying the field of activity: “movie star”, “pop star”, “rock star”, “guest star”. For people without a specific occupation (for example, wealthy heirs), the name “celebrity” (eng. Celebrity) is usually used.

The term “star” is widely used in the press and on television, often appearing in the names of various TV shows and television shows (“Star Academy”, “Star Factory”, “Become a Star”, “In Search of New Stars”, etc.).