Insect 3D Models

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3D Models of Insect such as beetles ants butterfly mosquito bugs worm fly spiders dragonfly moths grasshopper plant insects.

Insects are a class of invertebrate arthropod animals. According to the traditional classification, together with centipedes belong to the tracheal breathing subtype. In many groups of insects, the second and third breast segments are carried by a pair of wings. The legs are three pairs, and they are attached to the thoracic region. Insect body size from 0.2 mm to 30 cm and more.

The full life cycle of insects includes embryonic development (egg phase) and postembryonic, accompanied by metamorphosis. There are two main types of metamorphosis – incomplete and complete transformation. Incomplete transformation is characterized by the passage of insects of the three phases of development and complete – four. In insects with incomplete transformation, the larvae are similar in appearance to adult insects, differing from them in smaller body sizes, absence or embryo of wings and genital appendages. Insects with complete transformation are characterized by worm-like larvae, and only adults possess all the features characteristic of the order as a whole. In the larval phase in insects, growth and development occur, and in the imago phase – reproduction and settling.

The extraordinary variety of forms of insects is their striking feature. More than 1 million insect species have been described, making them the most numerous class of animals that occupy all sorts of ecological niches and are found everywhere, including Antarctica.

The science that studies insects is called entomology.