Robots 3D Models

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3D Characters of Robots available in 3ds max maya lwo obj fbx xsi c4d dwg dfx lws for download.

A robot is an automatic device designed to perform various kinds of mechanical operations, which operates according to a pre-programmed program.

The robot usually receives information about the state of the surrounding space through sensors (technical analogs of the sense organs of living organisms). The robot can independently carry out production and other operations, partially or completely replacing human labor. In this case, the robot can either have communication with the operator, receiving commands from it (manual control), or act autonomously, in accordance with the program set up (automatic control).

Appointments of robots can be very diverse, from entertainment and applied, and to purely industrial. The appearance of a robot can also be anything, although often in the construction of nodes borrow elements of the anatomy of various living beings that are suitable for the task.

In information technology, “robots” also call some autonomous operating programs, for example, bots.

The word “robot” was coined by the Czech writer Karel Čapek and his brother Joseph and was first used in Čapek’s play.