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Yacht 3D models on Flatpyramid.

The yacht is originally a lightweight, fast ship for the transport of individuals, equipped with a deck and a cabin (cabin). In the modern sense, any vessel designed for sporting or tourist purposes and recreation. Yachts do not include commercial vessels intended for commercial purposes for the transport of a large number of passengers (when the main purpose is transport, not recreation and entertainment on board) and other transport purposes.

Yachts classification:

  • By appointment: sports (racing) and cruise (cruising)
  • By drive: sailing, sailing-and-motor, motor
  • Seaworthiness: seas and yachts for inland reservoirs (rivers, lakes)
  • Фccording to the type of hull: classic single-hull (English Monohull), catamarans and trimarans

The first mention of sports sailing yachts dates back to the 17th century.

Virtually all modern sailing yachts designed for tourism have an auxiliary motor (outboard motor) for maneuvering in the port or moving at a low speed in the absence of wind. Sailing yachts without a motor are most often designed for sports.