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Mercedes-Benz is a German trademark of vehicles and the name of a number of motor vehicle companies owned by the Daimler AG Daimler car manufacturing company and/or are producing products under this brand name. The trademark is owned by the Daimler AG car dealership.

The history of this brand consists of the stories of two well-known brands – Mercedes, manufactured by the German company Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and Benz, which were built by Benz & Cie. Both companies quite successfully developed independently, but in 1926 merged into a new concern Daimler- Benz. ”

In 1886 a three-wheeled truck with a gasoline engine was created. In the same year, its creator, Karl Benz, received a patent for the invention. The world’s first three-wheeled car is ready and launched in batch production.

Seven years later, giving way to Daimler first, Carl Benz creates his four-wheeled car, and next year even more perfect design under the amazing name “Bicycle” goes into the series.

In June 1909, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft registered a three- and four-beam star brand as a trademark, but in fact, only used the first one. Symbols denote the superiority of the brand in all directions: on the ground, in water, and in the air.

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3ds, max, fbx, c4d, lwo, ma, mb, obj