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Anime 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Anime – Japanese animation. Unlike other countries cartoons, mainly intended for viewing by children, most of the produced anime is designed for teenagers and adults, and this is largely due to its high popularity in the world. Anime has a distinctive style of drawing characters and backgrounds. It is published in the form of television series, as well as films distributed on video media or intended for film screenings. Plots can describe many characters, differ in a variety of places and eras, genres and styles.

Sources for the plot of anime series are most often: manga (Japanese comics), ranobe (light story), or computer games (usually in the “visual novel” genre). The screen version usually retains the graphic style and other features of the original. Other sources are less commonly used, for example, works of classical literature. There are also animes that have a completely original plot (in this case, the anime itself can serve as a source for creating book and manga versions on it). The meaning of the term “anime” may vary depending on the context. In Western countries, anime is the object of study of cultural scientists, sociologists and anthropologists – Erie Izawa, Scott MacLeod, Susan Napier, Sharon Kinsella, and others.