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3D Models Industrial Tools available in 3ds max maya lwo poser obj fbx xsi c4d dwg dfx lws for download.

Industrial tools usually consist of a casing and an electric motor placed in it. The rotor of the electric motor directly or through the gears drives the spindle, in which the working part of the machine is fixed, to rotate. In some cases, the working body is connected to the electric motor with a flexible shaft.

The power source for the industrial tool can be an electrical network (220 V, 110 V, and 380 V), a source of high-frequency current for an industrial power tool (usually 200 V, 300 Hz), or an electric battery.

Such a tool can be both stationary and portable.

Electric industrial tools are used for welding, cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, painting, gluing various materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.), removing paintwork, wrapping, turning away and driving fasteners.