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Other medical devices such as pacemakers, insulin pumps, operating room monitors, defibrillators, and surgical instruments, including brain stimulants, have the ability to transfer important information about the patient’s condition to medical professionals. Also many of these devices can be controlled remotely. These features have raised concerns about privacy and security regarding human error and technical failures. Studies have been conducted on the susceptibility of medical devices to cracking, and it turned out that the risk exists.

In 2008, programmers proved that pacemakers and defibrillators can be hacked through wireless radio equipment, antennas and personal computers. These studies have shown that it is possible to stop the work of defibrillators and pacemakers and reprogram them to deliver potentially lethal blows to the patient or to launch their work program. Jay Redcliffe, one of the researchers, all this has raised concerns about the safety of medical devices. He shared his concerns at a security conference. Radcliffe fears that the devices are vulnerable and found that a deadly attack is also possible on insulin pumps and glucose monitors.

Some other medical device manufacturers downplay the threat from such attacks and claim that the attacks demonstrated were performed by qualified security experts and that this is unlikely to happen in the real world. At the same time, other manufacturers asked software security experts to investigate the security of their devices.

In June 2011, security experts showed that with the help of easily accessible hardware and user manuals, a scientist can view information about the system of a wireless insulin pump in combination with a glucose monitor. With the help of a special wireless device, a scientist could control the dosage of insulin. Anand Ragunathan, a researcher in the industry, explained that other medical devices are getting smaller and lighter over time, so that you can easily move around with them. The disadvantage is that the additional safety features will contribute to an increase in the size of the battery and an increase in the prices of appliances.

Dr. William Meisel suggested several ideas that motivated to solve the problem of hacking. First, hackers can acquire private information for financial gain or advantage; secondly, damage to the reputation of the manufacturer of the device; thirdly, the intentional infliction of financial injuries by an attacker to a person. Researchers offer several guarantees. One solution is to use alternating codes. Another solution is to use a technology called “wireless communication through the human body” “body-coupled communication”, which uses human skin as a waveguide for wireless communication.