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Lexus 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Lexus Division is a premium car brand produced by Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan. It was originally intended for the US market, now the brand’s cars are sold in more than 90 countries of the world.

The official date of birth of the new brand (not yet named at the time), focused on the production of luxury cars, is August 1983. At a secret meeting of the board of directors of Toyota, its head Eiji Toyoda announced his decision that the corporation should create its class, and it should be the best products of leading automakers in everything. In the early 1980s, there was a slow but steady growth in the luxury car market, especially the North American one, and Toyota, which had good sales in the USA, could not stand aside. According to the results of numerous marketing research by the leadership of TMS, it was decided to create a new brand.

Popular Lexus 3D models:

  • LFA
  • GS
  • IS500