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MicroStation’s professional CAD system is at the heart of the Bentley Systems product line and is one of the most powerful design tools that allows the user to:
implement engineering projects of any complexity
create topographic maps of various sizes
customize engineering tools
apply photorealistic textures to the whole project and display them in real time

MicroStation directly supports working with:
Autodesk AutoCAD
AutoDesk 3D MAX
Archvision rpc
Google sketchup

The main advantages of MicroStation

Built-in support for DGN and DWG files turns MicroStation into a universal design product, and also solves the problem of data exchange.

The foundation of MicroStation is Parasolid, the world’s leading solid-state geometric modeling core, which is universally recognized to provide this system with the most accurate and reliable package of tools for three-dimensional modeling. The combination of tools for frame modeling, modeling surfaces and volumes, as well as advanced capabilities for project visualization, including extensive libraries of materials and lighting settings, make this software product optimal for solving problems of creating realistic three-dimensional terrain models and various objects.

Convenience of working with a project, which consists in the simplicity of operations: any complex action can be performed without interrupting intermediate operations and constructions, moreover, in parallel with operating with types of objects from different sides (AccuDraw tool). With the help of built-in functions of history registration, which allows you to track changes to a project file, as well as digital signatures and rights management functions, you can ensure control over project implementation and its protection.

A simple organization of line styles is a set of standard styles that are always visible; there is no need to set the scale for the line style, built-in editing system and creating styles. The ability to create a classifier of conventional symbols for creating maps of various scales and purposes.

Extensive collaboration on the project, support for several models in one project, the ability to connect an unlimited number of other project files. The settings functions allow not only to optimize the interface of the program for each specific user, but also to standardize the basic parameters of the file when several performers work on one project.

Raster Manager Work with several rasters in one project, support for most standard raster formats (including aerial and satellite images, scanned maps and drawings).

Wide possibilities of using surfaces of spline and composite types, deeply developed system of operations with surfaces.

The system of parametric modeling (DD Design) and macromodelling (Feature Modeling) for creating and editing solids, which bring MicroStation to the same level with specialized applications of its competitors, is amazing with its capabilities.

Bentley Systems’ own-language C and Java compilers allow you to quickly create various applications to a software product and adapt MicroStation as much as possible to perform specific tasks.

Ability to use in Linux and MacOS.